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For 40 years, Dr. Vinyl has been the #1 name in automotive interior repair. From scuffs to tears, from cracks to burns, from stains to wear, your Dr. Vinyl technician can make your car, truck, van, boat, or any leather or vinyl surface look new again. Have holes or cracks in your vinyl siding, replacement is not your only option, your Dr. Vinyl technician can now repair vinyl siding. Be sure to check out our sister company, The Doctors Touch, for all of your automotive paint repair needs. They can take care of anything from a rock chip to a scuffed and cracked bumper. Dr. Vinyl is the only company in the world with Vinyl Siding Repair Technology! There is no longer a need to replace vinyl siding due to chips and scratches! Dr. Vinyl can repair the damage, recolor the repair and match any grain, saving you time and money!. Our fully equipped Mobile Technicians, along with our Car Care Centers make it quick and easy to provide a reliable, efficient and speedy service to our customers.

Scrapes, Scuffs, Scratches,Cracks, Dents, and Dings? No

Problem! We can restore your paint to its original factory


The Doctors Touch has successfully delivered top quality automotive paint repair for three decades through our parent company Dr. Vinyl. Our Direct Lot Service allows us to target our services to new and used car dealerships, fleet organizations, and rental car companies as well as focusing on the individual consumer’s cosmetic repairs. Restoring your vehicle to “like-new” condition, in a timely, efficient, quality, and professional manner is our focus at The Doctors Touch. Whether you choose our mobile services or visit one of our Car Care Centers, you can be assured you'll receive express service, superior quality, and incredible value!. The Doctor's Touch Auto Paint Repair Express is filling a void left in the marketplace between an automotive touch-up company and a traditional body shop by offering quality time-saving minor accident and exterior paint repairs at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods to millions of vehicle owners throughout the world. Our system combines training in the latest technology and repair techniques with a customer satisfaction driven staff to uphold our motto of-  
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